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Cambridge Resthaven
Covid-19, Flu, Coughs & Colds
Update and Visiting Guidelines

April 2024 Update

Visiting our care centres

All visitors are welcome in our care centres. To help ensure safe and enjoyable visits for you and your loved ones, please follow these visiting guidelines. If you have any questions, please let us know.

All Visitors

  • If you can, please ring Resthaven reception to let us know you are coming – this enables us to update you if there are any changes to visiting.

  • As it is still Covid-19 and flu, coughs and colds season, we encourage all visitors (including children) not to visit if you feel unwell or are a household contact with someone who has Covid or the flu. This helps to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents.

  • The government recommendation is still to wear a mask when visiting aged care facilities due to the vulnerability of residents. So, please always wear a surgical mask inside the care centre especially when very close to people. Masks are available at reception.

  • Please sign in using the tablet at reception when you arrive. This is helpful for keeping residents and staff safe and means we can quickly get in contact with you if needed.

  • For the safety of other residents, please visit only in the resident’s room or outdoors (not in communal indoor areas). We have plenty of outdoor areas for you to utilise (weather permitting).

  • In the event of any outbreaks, Resthaven may need to change the visiting process at short notice. We will advise families via email.

Under these following circumstances we ask that you hold off visiting for a short time:

  • Please don’t visit if you are unwell. If you have a negative RAT test but have symptoms of a cold, Covid-19, flu, or stomach upset, please hold off visiting till you have been symptom-free for 48 hours.

  • If you have recently had Covid-19 or the flu, please hold off visiting until at least Day 7, the longer time the better to limit risk to your loved one.

  • If you are a household contact of Covid-19, flu, or stomach upset, please do not visit.

  • If you have recently arrived from overseas, please hold off visiting for four days and do a RAT before you visit.

  • If you have been in hospital, please hold off visiting for four days after being discharged and do a RAT before you visit.

  • If you test positive for Covid-19 within a day or so of your visit, or come down with the flu, please let us know as soon as possible so we can keep a close eye on your loved one.

We thank you for your support and assistance to help keep everyone safe.  

Kind regards
Rachel Jones, General Manager