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Meet the Cambridge Resthaven Team

We currently have over 125 staff who provide care and services to all the ladies and gentlemen who have chosen Resthaven as their home.

The team at Resthaven includes


  • Chief Executive Officer - David

  • General Manager - Rachel

  • Independent Living Manager - Jeff

  • Project and Sales Manager - Sandra

  • Property Development Manager - Jason

  • Human Resources - Kaye


  • Receptionist

  • HR

  • Payroll

  • Accounts

  • Executive Support


  • Nurse Director

  • Clinical Nurse Leader

  • Registered Nurses

  • Enrolled Nurses

  • Health Care Assistants (HCAs)

  • Housekeepers

  • Education Facilitator


  • Maintenance personnel

  • Driver


  • Diversional Therapists/Therapy Assistants


  • Administrator

  • Drivers


  • Laundry Team

  • Cleaning

  • Apartment Support


  • Meals are made fresh in-house by Cater Plus

Each resident at Cambridge Resthaven has their own Key Worker - a registered nurse

Key Worker

At the cornerstone of our care is a personalised approach aimed at providing the best support and care for residents. 

Each resident has their own "Key Worker" – a Registered Nurse who is the cornerstone of the service provided to that resident. The key worker gets to know the resident and their family well, looks holistically at the resident’s clinical needs, and is responsible for coordinating care and services in a manner that is most beneficial for the resident. 

Forming these relationships builds a great sense of community among residents and their families, staff and the doctors.

At Cambridge Resthave we have our own staff educator

Staff Education

Having our own Staff Educator enables Resthaven to provide continuous development for our team. All staff attend a variety of compulsory education sessions through the year ranging from residents' rights and basic care through to infection control and manual handling. A large portion of our Health Care Assistants have completed, or are completing, appropriate qualifications from CareerForce (or equivalent).

All our Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants who work in our Dementia Unit have completed, or are completing, appropriate dementia modules. Our Registered Nurses engage in a variety of education sessions internally, in the community and at Te Whatu Ora Waikato (formerly named Waikato DHB) to ensure best practice, and our Therapy team attend external support groups and conferences.

Each resident at Cambridge Resthaven has their own Key Worker - a registered nurse

Cultural Days

Resthaven has a vibrant and diverse team, and one of the most popular days on the Resthaven calendar is our Cultural Day celebration.

We love to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our staff and residents. So, once or twice a year in our two care centres we hold a cultural day where staff, residents and visitors come together for an afternoon of song, dance and food from all parts of the globe. It's an opportunity to share and learn about a wide range of cultures - there's Kiribati, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Fijian Indian, Indonesia, Philippines, Ireland, Nepal, India, and, of course, New Zealand.

It's a day full of colourful national costumes, beautiful dancing and singing, delicious food from each nation, and lots of smiles!