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Moving to New Zealand

We want to make your move to New Zealand an easy one. Cambridge Resthaven is an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand. This means we can support you with your Work Visa.

Krizia and Lloyd’s Story

Hear from Krizia and Lloyd who have recently moved to New Zealand to join our team.

Krizia and Lloyd work for Cambridge Resthaven

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful resources if you are considering moving to New Zealand to work in aged care.

Immigration New Zealand - Guide for Migrants Working in Aged Care

This guide will help you understand what it is like to work in aged care in New Zealand and where to get advice and support if you need it. It also explains some of the differences you may experience living in New Zealand.

New Zealand Now

This is a website for migrants who are thinking of moving to New Zealand or have recently arrived. It includes national and regional information, settlement tips, and places where migrants can get settlement support.

NZ Ready

This is a planning tool provided by Immigration New Zealand to help make the move and settling into New Zealand simple.

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