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Community Survey 2023 Results

About the Survey
Cambridge Resthaven Trust conducted a community survey at the end of 2023 to better understand how we are perceived and how we can continue to serve our community effectively.

The survey ran from 16 November until 8 December 2023. Respondents could complete the survey online or in hard copy, and the responses remain anonymous.

Cambridge Resthaven CEO Davd Hall said, “Cambridge Resthaven is a community owned charitable trust providing retirement living and aged care services in Cambridge for over 50 years, so the community survey is a valuable process for us to help ensure our services align with the needs and expectations of our community.”

The Results
There were around 200 respondents. 98% of respondents have heard of Cambridge Resthaven prior to taking the survey, and around 80% are aware that Cambridge Resthaven is a community trust. Respondents’ awareness of the resthome care and the retirement village is generally good. However, there is an opportunity to raise more community awareness of the specialised types of care available including respite care, dementia care and continuing (hospital) care.

An open-ended question about what comes to mind when they think of Cambridge Resthaven brought out these top eight keywords - “care”, “community”, “elderly”, “rest home”, “facility”, “retirement”, “retirement village”, and “Cambridge”.

There was a lower awareness of the services that Cambridge Resthaven offers to the wider community - the To & Fro companion driving service, home visiting and meals on wheels.

Most survey respondents find the services provided by Cambridge Resthaven relevant to the community. Suggestions for how Cambridge Resthaven could better serve the community included: continuing to keep fees affordable; providing respite care, home visiting, and offering driving support for those living by themselves in the community; more information about the services available to the wider Cambridge community; more awareness that Cambridge Resthaven operates as a trust and the benefits for residents and the Cambridge community as a result; and holding events that connect with schools and people of retirement age.

Mr Hall said, “Thank you to those who took the time to participate in the survey. Community involvement through the survey is helpful because it points to areas for us to work on. One of the areas for improvement was to raise awareness of our role as a local trust, and we have started in this direction, including the design of a new ‘Cambridge Resthaven Community Trust’ logo to better communicate who we are and how we are different.”