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Stage 1 of our new Apartments on Vogel development in Vogel Street is underway


Stage 1 is due to be completed early 2024 and will include 33 apartments, a café, dining room, lounge and a corner shop. Residents will have the comfort of living as they would in their own home, with the added benefit of care and support coming to them in their apartment. The first building will be named the Hanlin Building, recognising the generous contribution from the Hanlin sisters in the late 1960s which helped establish Resthaven. Further apartments are planned for Stage 2 in 2024 and Stage 3 in 2026.

If you would like to view the building progress, we have regular updates on our You Tube channel - click here

If you have any questions about Apartments on Vogel, please call Project and Sales Manager Sandra Fairhurst on 07 827 6097 or click the button below to receive an Info Pack.

Would you like to move into an apartment before early 2024?
If you are ready to make the move now to apartment living, please call Project and Sales Manager Sandra Fairhurst on 07 827 6097 about availability of our current apartments in the existing building.

Vogel Street View - Stage 3 when it is completed

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There’s a lot happening on-site, and we will keep you posted with building updates and what’s coming up. If you don’t want to miss any of the action, simply click on this button below and Project and Sales Manager Sandra Fairhurst will organise the newsletters to be delivered straight to your inbox.

We have taken photos of the building each month since the project began and turned them into a series of monthly one-minute 'slideshows' on our YouTube channel - click here to watch the transformation over the months.

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